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Occupational Hygienist Assessment & Monitoring

The management of hazardous materials and substances in the workplace requires stringent controls in order for organisations to maintain their corporate, regulatory and social requirements. In order to achieve this goal organisations need to monitor the environment that their employees and the community are exposed to.

Hazmat provides a range of specialised occupational hygiene services to ensure that workplaces operate within acceptable environments. All services are provided by trained occupational hygienists and industrial chemists.

We examine and evaluate workplace environments for hazards arising from work operations, processes, materials, equipment, products, by-products and effluent and interpret the results in terms of the potential for health impairment, worker efficiency, nuisance or damage, and compare them to regulatory limits presenting specific conclusions and recommendations for improvement.

An Occupational Hygiene assessment can determine the exposure aspects of hazard identification and risk assessment. Occupational hygiene monitoring complements an organisation’s overall risk management of occupational health and safety issues. These results are used to determine exposure to workplace contaminants.

Hazmat provides the following Occupational Hygiene services:

  • Workplace Risk Assessments
  • Workplace Monitoring
  • Personal Exposure Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments and Monitoring
  • Comparison of Workplace Exposure Against Regulatory Standards
  • Risk Management
  • Occupational Hygiene Consulting
  • Advice on Personal Protection Equipment
  • Exposure Pathway Assessment

Get in touch with us for workplace monitoring. Our Occupational Hygienists . ensure compliance with laws and regulations in the work environment.

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