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Specialist Remediation

Hazmat is dedicated to providing solutions to its clients. We are more than willing to look at unique and problematic issues to help develop a management strategy that suits the requirements of our clients and the regulatory authorities.

Hazmat provides our clients sustainable remediation solutions that are innovative and cost-effective. Our approach ensures that appropriate practical solutions for remediation are tailored uniquely to suit the site, following assessment of site information including, history, environmental reports and proposed future use.

Our experienced team can offer services in:

  • Contaminated soil and hazardous waste treatment solutions
  • Chemical immobilisation and solidification technologies for hazardous wastes contaminated with organic and inorganic pollutants such as heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, coal tars etc.
  • Technical representation to clients and regulatory authorities
  • Development and implementation of quality controls plans during immobilisation projects
  • On-site project management and supervision
  • Risk assessment, removal, repackaging, transport and disposal of high hazard waste from high risk sites such as fire damaged properties.

Drug Lab Remediation

With Hazmat’s skill set across the business (including Asbestos management, Hazardous Chemicals, Dangerous Goods, Occupational Exposure etc.) we are well placed to undertake drug lab investigations, remediation, and site clearances. Our skill sets allow us to properly assess the potential unknowns associated with clandestine drug labs.

Environmental Services - Specialised Remediation

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