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Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods are routinely used in workplaces throughout world. The inappropriate use of these materials can cause adverse human health and ecological impacts.

Dangerous goods are substances that are explosive, flammable, toxic, combustible, oxidizing, toxic, radioactive and corrosive.

Hazardous substances are chemicals that have the potential to cause ill-health. This can be due to the presence of toxins, oxidisers, irritants, radioactivity, sensitizing agents, carcinogens, corrosives, or other highly reactive substances in the chemicals or mixtures used.

The storage and handling of dangerous goods often pose a significant risk in terms of the potential for harm to people, property and the environment even though for most of our clients it is not a core business activity. Consequently, many businesses do not have the “in-house” expertise or resources to adequately manage this risk.

Hazmat’s safety and chemical consultants can devise the best solution to manage dangerous goods risks within the relevant legislative framework that your business operates and can tailor an appropriate approach to meet your legislative obligations, and more importantly, protect people, property and the environment.

In situations where a performance based approach can be adopted, Hazmat can identify and deliver cost-effective solutions taking full advantage of the flexibility afforded by the regulatory framework. Our experienced team includes personnel with specific regulatory experience who are able to provide insights into managing dangerous goods risks to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Hazmat provides a range of services aimed at assisting organizations with the management of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods in the workplace.  Our dangerous goods consultation includes hazardous chemical awareness training and hazardous area classification. Additionally, we can provide advice on understanding the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) labeling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) requirements.


Hazmat provides the following hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods services

  • Dangerous Goods classification assessments
  • Dangerous Goods storage assessments
  • Development and implementation of hazardous chemicals management systems
  • Emergency response and plans
  • GHS consulting
  • Hazardous chemicals regulatory compliance audits
  • Hazardous chemical classification assessments in accordance with local and international regulatory frameworks
  • Preparation of hazardous chemicals manifests
  • Preparation of GHS compliant labels
  • Risk Assessments
  • Review and preparation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) review and preparation.

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