Environmental Consulting, Management and Remediation Australia

“Cradle to the grave management of hazardous materials in the workplace”

Hazmat is an Australian leading specialist OHS, Waste and Environmental Services consultancy that deals specifically with hazardous materials in the workplace, in, on or under the ground.  The management of hazardous materials in the workplace is a complex issue due to the inherent hazards associated with their use and disposal.

Hazmat provides a consulting, assessment and monitoring services to clients in a broad range of industry sectors that are required to fulfill various legislative requirements in relation to the identification and management of hazardous materials and dangerous goods in the workplace and contaminated land issues .

Our goal is to provide our clients with technical expertise and specialist advice by providing technically sound solutions with our combined experience and knowledge in order to maintain their corporate, regulatory and social responsibilities.

We provide services in the broad areas of:

  • Environmental Consulting, Management and Remediation
  • Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods Consulting and Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Occupational Hygiene Monitoring and Assessment
  • Workplace Training

The specialist team at Hazmat are tertiary trained industry experts in the fields of hazardous materials, contaminated land, occupational hygiene, industrial chemistry, environment and waste management, risk management and workplace training.

Hazmat is Health, Safety, Environment and Quality certified to ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Our registration is for the provision of hazardous workplace, occupational health, safety and environmental consulting services. We also provide occupational health including noise monitoring, environmental consulting such as groundwater monitoring and waste classification assessment, Hazardous Workplace including GHS compliance and training. Hazmat’s laboratory operates in accordance with the requirements outlined in ISO 17025 and is NATA accredited for asbestos fibre counting, synthetic mineral fibre counting and air volume measurement (Accreditation No. 16865).

OHS - Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

Hazmat provides services and advice to promote safe working environments through protection of employers and employees.  We have a strong background and experience in hazardous materials including asbestos and offer expertise in a range of property related risks and monitoring environments which employees and the community are exposed.  We are also NATA accredited for asbestos air monitoring.

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazmat’s consultants deliver professional services offering advice and solutions on a range of waste management services including environmental risk management, environmental assessment and reporting, management of hazardous wastes.  Hazmat can assist in environmental improvements, stakeholder involvement or legislative compliance to address your requirements.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Hazmat provides a comprehensive range of environmental services in the assessment, management, remediation and validation of contaminated sites. Hazmat can undertake extensive monitoring programs for licenses and regulatory compliance. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering client specific solutions to manage all you contaminated land issues, environmental monitoring and regulatory compliance.