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Contaminated Land Remediation & Management Australia

Hazmat’s environmental scientists and engineers have extensive experience in the assessment, identification, management, validation of sites and contaminated land remediation.  Hazmat is capable of providing a range of contaminated land service for the purpose of:

  • Contamination prevention advice
  • Spills and emergency pollution responses
  • Development approvals and land use changes
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • License/regulatory approvals and ongoing monitoring programs
  • Due diligence
  • Site disposals or site purchasing
  • Waste management

The skillsets of our consultants allow hazmat to provide comprehensive advice on issues including contaminated land remediation to deliver cost effective solutions complying to statutory requirements.

A remediation process is required to follow national environmental protection (assessment of site contamination) measure (NEPM) guidelines.

The initial assessment of a sites potential contamination is structured to characterize the site and develop a Conceptual Site Model (CSM). The purpose of the CSM is to understand how potential site contamination can impact human health and/or the environment though Source-Pathway-Receptor linkages.

Contaminated site investigations and assessments are divided into two stages

  1. Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) – generally desk based research with a site walkover and where appropriate limited sampling
  2. Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) – intrusive investigation to determine actual chemical concentrations and confirm findings of the PSI. The DSI is also designed to provide the CSM with more information allowing to the be refined becoming more site specific.

A NEPM compliant DSI required a large amount of pre-planning to develop Detailed Quality Objectives (DQOs). DQOs are required in order to define:

  • What chemicals we are going to be investigation (what laboratory sample analysis needs to be undertaken;
  • Where the investigation locations will be (including the method of investigation, number of samples to be taken, where the samples will be taken from;
  • Justifications to why we are going to do what we are going to do;
  • How we are going to do the investigation;
  • How we are going to assess the laboratory results when we have them; and
  • How we are going to guarantee the data collected is acceptable and defendable:

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the sites CSM, we can develop a unique site specific management strategy to deliver the clients objectives. Very often management strategies result in the remediation of a contaminated soils and/or groundwater. However, contaminated land remediation is not always necessary or the most beneficial solution for the client. It is important that all options are considered in developing the most appropriate management strategy for the site and issues being addressed.

Once the most suitable management strategy has been accepted (by the client and where necessary the regulators) Hazmat can implement the strategy and fine tune it to maintain optimum efficiency.

At the end of the management program Hazmat can provide validation and verification that the strategy has been successful.

Contaminated land assessment

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