Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous materials including asbestos and synthetic mineral fibre have been routinely used in workplaces throughout history. These materials have been known to cause adverse health effects including lung cancer, including mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

Asbestos Sampling
Workplace Monitoring & Occupational Hygiene

The management of hazardous materials and substances in the workplace requires stringent controls in order for organisations to maintain their corporate, regulatory and social requirements. In order to achieve this goal organisations need to monitor the environment that their employees and the community are exposed to.

Workplace Monitoring & Occupational Hygiene
Environmental Services

Hazmat provides a comprehensive range of environmental services in the assessment, management, remediation and validation of contaminated sites. Hazmat can undertake extensive monitoring programs for licenses and regulatory compliance. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering client specific solutions to manage all you contaminated land issues, environmental monitoring and regulatory compliance.

Environmental Services
Hazardous Chemicals & Dangerous Goods

Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods are routinely used in workplaces throughout world. The inappropriate use of these materials can cause adverse human health and ecological impacts.

Contaminated land assessment
workplace training

In order for organisations to maintain a safe work environment and to adhere to regulatory requirements there is a need to provide workplace training. Hazmat provides specialised workplace training in the areas of hazardous materials, hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods management.

Workplace Training

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